“NIDAN” was inaugurated on 11th Oct 1987 as a polyclinic & X-Ray centre spread over the areas of 1500 sq. feet.

It started with a single x-ray machine of 500 MA & having the facility of blood collection centre in the morning  for 5 hrs. Sonography services on alternate day for 2 hrs and 3 consultants sitting in different time slots using the polyclinic facility of 3 consulting rooms.

X-Ray reports were prepared on typewriter & patient’s registration was done manually. The centre started though with basic services but it had the sky rocket ambition & futuristic vision of Dr.Shailendra Singh who also believed in keeping ahead of the time.

In next two years, centre had its own Sonography machine which was inaugurated on 15th Dec 1989 with the installation of computer for preparing patients reports. Also in polyclinic there were 12 consultants using the facility of consulting room at the centre.

In the span of 2 years, Nidan had generated so much of goodwill & name amongst medical fraternity & common people that every new consultant in the central-suburban wanted to have a consulting practice at Nidan polyclinic.

17th Oct, 1993 was another landmark year. As the new technology of Dental X-Ray OPG & Cephlogram as well as A-Scan machine for lens measurement of cataract surgery patients was installed at the centre.

This was the first machine introduced in central suburban’s & was inaugurated by  The Joint Police Commissioner Shri M.N. Singhji.

One & half year later in 30th April,1995 there was another feather in Nidan’s cap as it had the privilege of having Colour Doppler machine which was again first in the Central Suburbs & the inauguration of this machine was done by the Eminent cardiologist Dr.Ashwin Mehta.

By now in the span of 8 years, Nidan had become a household name in Ghatkopar & nearby suburbs. The wings of Nidan started spreading from Ghatkopar west to Ghatkopar east. 15th June 1996 CT scan machine was introduced to Ghatkopar & central suburbs by the partnership company of Nidan by name of “Nivaran”. This was big celebrated event & the inauguration was done by Late.Shri Gopinath Mundeji, Deputy C.M. of Maharashtra at that time.

Under “Nivaran” there was another big jump on 8th Feb, 1997 when installation of 1.5 tesla MRI Machine took place & was inaugurated by Vice Chancellor of Mumbai Smt.Snehalata Deshmukh. This was again the first machine in the Central Suburbs which became trademark of NIDAN becoming pioneer in introducing the diagnostic technologies in the central suburbs.

4th Aug, 2003 was a memorable day for NIDAN as the centre became Spacious swanky & hi-tech with the expansion of the centre spreading across area of about 4000 sq. feet. Centre got totally computerized with the installation of 12computer & customized software for the centre’s working right from the patients registration, billing & reporting everything was on computer which added to the efficient & fast working.

This new hi tech centre was inaugurated by the hands of Maharashtra Chief Minister Shri Sushil Kumar Shindeji.This advanced centre had below mentioned new upgraded technologies.

  • Manual x-rays were upgraded to digital x-ray technology.
  • Mammography machine
  • EEG Machine
  • Bone densitometry Scan (DXA)

DXA machine first machine in central suburbs & only 3rd in all over Mumbai

within next two & half years, Nidan took a giant leap forward as its new branch “Nidan Annexe” was inaugurated on 6th Feb 2006.This centre located on the ground floor, bhaveshwar plaza, L.b.s marg,Ghatkopar (w) is a spacious, posh highly ambitious project of Dr.Shailendra Singh. Nidan Annexe is one of the best diagnostic centers in all over Mumbai. Its beautiful interior designing completed with spacious garden beautiful chairs, tables & canopy make it a very warm & pleasant place to be in.

This centre has got the facilities of all the diagnostic modalities under one roof. i.e.

  • Digital X-Ray
  • Sonography
  • CT Scan
  • Stress Test
  • EEG
  • ECG  (Electro Cardio Gram)
  • PFT  (Pulmonary Function Test)
  • Bone Densitometry (DXA)
  • EMG -This is the only centre in the suburbs to have EMG facility.
  • PATHOLOGY –Pathology Department managed by M.D. pathologist & all the hormones study done by renowned metropolis laboratory.

Hi tech Machineries along with efficient team of well qualified doctors & staff giving the best services, this is perhaps, the epitome of excellence in diagnostic field.

4th Oct, 2008 was another leap & jump for ‘Nidan’ as SHREE M.R.I centre was started in Ghatkopar (w) having open MRI Machine This was in addition to already existing ‘Nivaran’ CT Scan & MRI Centre. Thus, patients were given the facilities of CT Scan & MRI in both Ghatkopar (E) as well as Ghatkopar (w)

At the same time, also having the luxury of choosing closed MRI machine (at Nivaran) or Open MRI machine (for patients having claustrophobia at Shree M.R.I Centers)

Keeping the tradiation of upgrading the centre with the latest technologies , Elastography Machine ( to detect early liver diseases & early breast diseases) was brought to Nidan in Sept-2013.

Now in year 2014 January there is another latest addition to the facilities provided at Nivaran as the Cardiac CT Scan Machine has been installed with  a dual source machine from Siemens giving the fastest speed information about heart blood circulation & coronary blockage. THIS IS THE FIRST CARDIAC CT MACHINE IN A PRIVATE SETUP IN ALL OVER MUMBAI.

So, starting with a small x-ray centre & polyclinic in Oct’ 1987 to developing into a brand in the field of “DIAGNOSTIC MEDICAL SERVICES – NIDAN HAS COME A LONG WAY” and of course it has still a long way to go with Dr.Shailendra Singh’s Dream of starting the BEST CORPORATE HOSPITAL IN MUMBAI Horizon looks just bigger & bigger for NIDAN.